Minneapolis “Minne”-Showcase (Part 2)

Welcome to the conclusion of our Minneapolis weekend showcase!

Part 2 | Tasty Eats

Green + The Grain | Food Truck, MN

Food Truck!  And a healthy one at that.  We got to pick from a handful of colorful menu options that could be made into a salad or a wrap, and the folks there were not stingy with their portion sizes. For $9, I got a “small” Chinese Chicken salad, and by small I mean a 4-cup bucket of chicken and veggies.  No complaints here; I ate it all up. (For the locals, check out their website.  They do catering, deliveries, and call ahead orders.)

The Copper Hen | Lyndale Avenue (Eat Street), Minneapolis

Farm-to-table rustic eating in a casual-classy setting.  I love their atmosphere – old school charm with hints of warm industrial decor… a mix of calico prints with Edison lightbulbs.  And the food is just as warm and inviting.  We had a rustic wheat bread with jam and honey butter, followed by fresh salads (featuring candied bacon… really) and flatbread pizzas.  The pastry chefs there also whip up some mean desserts.  Warm brownies served in a cast-iron skillet, and topped with ice cream.  Um, hel-lo.  The one draw back to this charming escape is the speed of service, or lack thereof.  Our server was – well, a nice guy, but – ugh, how do I say this.  Let’s just say that our simple little meal for our party of three took two hours to fulfill, and was punctuated by long stretches without a drive by from our server.  We ended up missing out on our evening plans.  But, to be honest, I’ll go back there because I really do love the food and the feel.  I just wouldn’t recommend going there if you don’t have some time to kill.

Fat Nat’s Eggs | Crystal, MN

Fat Nat’s sits settled between a liquor store and a comic book shop in a strip mall a few blocks away from our house.  Naturally, yeah, a little sketch.  But it’s pretty fantastic.  Fat Nat’s is your neighborhood greasy spoon – perfect for the morning after some bar hopping, or for getting a plate of eggs with the fam.  (For the Milwaukee folk out there – think George Webb.) The early morning crowd is usually studded with the 55+ blue collar crew – you know the ones: retired man-friends swapping stories, the ones that would be smoking a cigarette if it was still allowed inside; then after 9am or so, the families and kiddos take over after church services let out.  The food is your straight forward But if you’re looking for a healthier option – say a cup of fruit or some yogurt – don’t hold your breath.  There’s not a piece of fruit on site.  (I actually laughed out loud when our server broke that news.)  But their service is crazy friendly, the atmosphere is easy, and the eggs are absolutely yum!



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